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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Snack and Drinks
 Don't assume that there will be places to buy snacks and drinks wherever you go simply because they are available where you live.
TIP: Always take bottled water with you when you leave the ship on shore excursions.
To maintain energy levels you should always have a suitable snack and drink on hand at all times rather than relying on the availability of them when traveling.

At some destinations such supplies can be few and far between and even in developed countries one food stop could be an hour or more away from the last.

If traveling in more diverse weather conditions it is even more important that you ensure you have suitable supplies.

Hunger causes fatigue and if you are driving long distances this can add to the dangers of losing concentration or even falling asleep at the wheel.

Try to choose snacks that aren't full of sugar as these will only give you a temporary burst of energy and then make you feel all the more hungry when the 'sugar high' has gone.

Water is a better alternative to sodas and flavored drinks for maintaining energy but make sure in places where you aren't certain of the quality of the water supplies that you only drink bottled water so you don't get any gastric problems.

Along with the need to keep snacks and drink on hand you should always take the opportunity to use available toilets along the journey as you might not be able to locate them when needed and it can be particularly uncomfortable traveling when there is a need for 'relief'
When away from your car buying food and drink, or using toilets, make sure that all your possessions are well locked away and out of sight to discourage thieves.

It only takes seconds for thieves to get into a car and mess up your holiday plans by stealing your luggage.

Taking Care of Your Holiday Budget
It is very easy to overspend while away on holiday and it takes some restraint to remain within budget for many people.

It is exciting to see things in the shops that you won't find in your home country and the urge to spend can be more than many people can control.

A lot of people also have the attitude that while they are away on holiday they will spend up large and worry about the consequences when they get back home. This is not a good idea because that type of attitude might stop you from having the opportunity to travel again.

If your money is tight then keeping a travel budget will help you to stay on track and ensure that you have enough money to get back home and not have to spend the next few years paying off your travel debts.

There will always be more expenditure than you anticipate when away on holiday no matter how many times you travel and think you have thought of it all.

Even if you have been to the same destination recently there will usually be price rises in many different areas. Your dinner might cost a few dollars more or your taxi fare might have gone up just a little. You might need to get extra laundry done because you spilt some food or you might feel a little hungrier than normal and need to buy additional food.

It is hard to budget for things like this happening but they are bound to be there so you should always leave some surplus funds to be on the safe side of your spending.

It might be wise to have a special fund set aside that will allow you to buy extra luxury items; dresses, bikinis, shoes, jewelry and so on that you might want to buy.

You will have to allow for tips and variances in the exchange rates also.

There are too many little things to think about that you will never be able to account for so you will need to give yourself a budget buffer to cover these costs and reduce the worry of running short of funds before the holiday is over.
Cruise Ship Tips: Many cruise ship have upscale speciality restaraunts that may cost extra, and usually require reservations. They are over and above the normal dining rooms and buffets. So beware and budget accordingly. In addition, make sure you have enough batteries (for your cameras, etc.), sunscreen, and other types of toiletery items with you.Having to buy these common items from the ship's store can be expensive.

Quote: The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land.
- G.K. Chesterton

Taking Care of Medical Needs
Make sure you have a handy bag to carry your medical requirements with you when traveling and don't pack them with your main baggage that will go in the hold of the plane.

They could easily get lost and then you will have the dilemma of trying to get them replaced.

If possible take additional supplies and have them stored elsewhere so you have a backup in an emergency.

You should have a list of all the medical items that you are taking with you as it is often difficult to remember the names of medication when needed. Have your family doctors' contact information on hand so local practitioners will be able to contact them in a hurry if needed.

You should also have all your insurance details handy if needed and any other details that medical staff might need to be aware of if you need their assistance.

Make sure that your medical supplies are all well labeled so the authorities don't assume you are carrying illegal products in your possession.

The medical supplies you have from your country might be unknown in the country of your travels so they will need to know that they are legitimate supplies.

When you are in your hotel room lock your medical supplies in the safe with your other valuables as your health is more valuable than anything else you will be locking away.

If you will be requiring any special needs while away on holiday, or if you have an existing medical condition that can be the cause of concern, then you should check in advance of leaving that there are suitable hospitals, pharmacies or medical professionals that will be available if needed.

Once again the planning you do in advance of leaving on holiday will help to make the holiday a smooth and relaxed experience where you won't need to be concerned with having forgotten anything that will be needed.

Cruise Ship Tip: Every cruise ship has a medical doctor and staff on board, as well as small clinic for medical supplies. But their use is not included in your cruise package, and may cost extra. But many cruise lines will supply seasick meds for free. Just check with the clinic, usually found below decks near one of the exit doors.

The Benefits of a Checklist
 During the planning of your holiday it is a good idea to create a checklist so you don't forget to take anything when the time comes to do your final packing.

As you work through the planning and get more information about the places you will be going, you will accumulate lots of information including such matters as the climate at that time of the year and this will allow you to make the correct selections for clothing.

You will also find out whether you will need any other items such as mosquito repellants and sunscreens as part of your packing.

It is generally a lot cheaper to get items like that at home rather than having to buy them when you get to your destination.

You will add to the checklist as you go through your planning and this will help to give you the peace of mind knowing that you haven't forgotten anything when it comes time to leave.

If you are working to a tight budget you might even be able to borrow items from friends and family that will help to keep your costs down.

It is a good idea to talk to people who have been to where you are going as they will help you to decide what you need to take.

There is nothing like first hand experience to help you make the best decisions.

You should take a list of what you have packed along with you on holiday and if you buy any more items while away make sure that you add them to the list too. This will help you to avoiding forgetting anything when you pack to leave for home and it will also quickly let you know if any items have gone missing along the way.

It is a very common occurrence for people to leave smaller items in hotel room by mistake. A checklist will help to stop this happening to you.