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Caring For Your Digital Camera

Taking time and caring for your digital camera has many paybacks:

- The camera will always be ready to point and shoot

- Your digital camera will last you for many years

- You’ll even be able to trade the camera in to upgrade to a more sophisticated model

Because of their compact size you can always have your digital camera with you to capture those photographic moments that might otherwise be missed. However, carrying an item of equipment around can subject it to daily knocks and bumps, wear and tear, that can reduce both the digital camera’s working life and value.


Most digital cameras are sold with a case. If this case is not robust (or not supplied) invest in a protective case that is padded and shock proof to offer protection from accidental drops. Make sure the case fits the camera. One that is too small could cause buttons to be pressed which will discharge the batteries. One that is too large will not be as effective in protecting the camera. The case needs to be snug, ideally made for the particular model of digital camera you own.


The lens is probably the most important component in your digital camera and as such it requires special care. Keep fingers, sticky or otherwise, away from the lens and always clean the camera lens gently and carefully with a proper lens cleaning brush or cloth. It is important not to rub a dirty lens as this can cause scratches and damage which impairs the photograph quality. If your digital camera is supplied with a lens cover, use it. Many point and shoot cameras have built in lens cover mechanisms that close automatically when the camera is switched off, which makes life a little easier.

Temperature and Humidity

Avoid storing your camera in extremes of temperatures or anywhere damp. You may find little bags of silica gel in the original packaging for your digital camera - keep these and continue to use them. If you leave your camera in the car, do be sure not to expose it to direct sunlight for long periods. Even though there is no film to deteriorate, there are electronic components which will not improve for being overheated or exposed to moisture.


If your camera is to be stored for a long period, do remember to remove the batteries. The last thing you want is for the corrosive contents of a battery to leak out and ruin the mechanisms within your digital camera.

Also, be aware that any strong magnetic field can affect the SD or other memory cards used with your digital camera. Many pieces of standard household equipment create magnetic fields - even something as seemingly innocuous as hi-fi speakers - give some thought to where your store your camera and associated equipment.

Caring for your digital camera is not difficult nor need it be expensive. A robust case and a proper lens cleaning brush or cloth and fluid and a little thought is all that’s required.