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Fishing basics for a newbie fisherman

Among many American hobbies and past-times, fishing is probably one of the most popular. Whether it is because of the pure bliss of enjoying the waters while waiting for your catch to snap on the bait, or the sheer Zen-like experience of the endeavor, only those who are into the past-time can really tell. But if you are expressing an interest on fishing, there are some basics of fishing that you need to beware of first. Below are some fishing basics for newbie fishermen like you.

Fishing 101:

+ Be respectful with fellow fishermen

One of the most important fishing basics are you must never walk up to a fellow fisherman and immediately begin fishing next to him right away. This is very impolite, and considered unethical in fishing circles. If you happen to be on an area where there is a limited fishing space, it is highly advised that you ask a nearby fisherman first if it is all right to fish beside him.

+ Be observant.

It is best if you would observe how other folks do their fishing. This will help you find out the type of fish that are caught on the area. People who use lures, for instance, usually fish over a bigger fishing area. Compared to those who use baits, they would need more space so do not just sit beside them and fish.  Of course it will be a hassle to find another lucrative fishing area but keep in mind that they were there first.  Well, even if they are using live bait to fish on smaller area, you still need to ask for their permission.

+ Never use lures on fishing piers

When you fish on areas like fishing piers or even rock jetties, using lures to catch fish is seen as a rude thing to do. Well, the only exception is if you will be casting your lure in a clockwise manner to catch fish that are right there in front of you. The reason for this is that fishing piers provide a very limited space for fishing. As mentioned earlier, it is very important fishing basics that you still ask permission to fish regardless of the situation. If you are first to fish there, maintain your politeness to those who will arrive late. If there is no fishing room, be polite in explaining the situation to fellow fishers.

+ Never cast nets on areas where others are already fishing

Like other fishing basics, this is actually pure common sense. But since most people tend to overlook the importance of this rule, it is worth mentioning here. The only situation that casting nets on other fishermen’s area is allowed is when you have the permission to do it. Bear in mind however, that by doing this; you immediately scare away potential catches.

+ Find a good spot far from other fishermen if you are after bait

In case of fishing piers, however, you will have a very limited space so it is better if you choose a better spot early. You can also look for fishing areas where no other people are fishing.

+ Always look on the spot where you will cast your net

Unlike other fishing basics, this is elementary. Make sure that you always throw your net at the right places.  If, for instance, your net is cast on a rocky area, it will just be tangled up or worse, destroyed.  This will make your fishing experience more of a hassle than a fun activity.

Fishing is an excellent and exciting hobby and sport. However, there are certain fishing basics that you would need to follow first so you can enjoy fishing with other people more. To know more about other fishing basics, fishing tactics, and information about equipment such as fishing boats and nets, you can look for the best sites online.