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We are going to give you tons of information about "how to" go cruising - on Cruise Ships - to all ports of call!

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Quote: And that's the wonderful thing about family travel: it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.
- Dave Barry

Before you set out on your trip to your destination be sure that you have as much information about the places you are going to before you leave home. It is easier and quicker to do research at home using resources such as the Internet to find where the best deals are.

By saving time when you are away on vacation you will be able to get more benefit from the vacation and make the most of the money that you have spent getting there. It also means you get to spend a lot of fun time looking forward to your vacation before you go.

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You can get information from the various tourist boards and from travel centers that will help you make decisions where you want to go and stay.

It will not cost you anything other than time to get this information and you might decide to change your travel plans after you do this kind of research.

It will cost a lot more if you decide to change your plans once you get to your destination and in some cases it will be difficult, if not impossible, to change plans once you have made bookings.

You can save a lot of money by doing this research and you will have the leisure to compare prices and even negotiate better deals with travel agencies, hotels and other providers of accommodation.

Look to the articles at the right - you'll find many of them will truly help you with your cruising experience.
If possible, talk to people who have already been to the places that you intend to go as there is nothing quite like prior experience to save time and money. Travel brochures sometimes paint a rosy picture of areas, where people you can trust, might tell you otherwise.

Some of the best places to get other people's opinions are on the forums on the Internet where people will discuss their travels and give their opinions on what they liked and whether they would recommend those places to other people.

They will also offer cost saving and other suggestions based on their own experience. These can be invaluable.

All About the Booze

As you can probably deduce, cruise ships do not like you to take booze on board, of any type. After all, that's what they are selling you. But it's no sin if you try to sneak some through their scanners during the boarding process. All they'll do is hold on to it for you and return it your last night on board. You can also voluntarily check it right before you board. But if you do want to try the sneaky thing, make sure you bury it deep in your largest bag so it's hard to find.

Alcoholic drinks are very easy to buy on board, almost too easy as there's no cash involved (you'll use your ship board credit/I.D card for that). I mean, there are bars everywhere. So it's very easy to run up a large tab, which will have to be settled before departing the ship.

Some cruise lines offer advance wine purchases for dinner (NCL comes to mind). When you first come on board, there's a station where you can select various wines in advance for certain (or all) dinners. We took advantage of that feature on our last two cruises.

But, if you'd like some wine or a bottle of scotch in your room, you can arrange with guest services to have it delivered. Just watch out for the prices, which run on the heavy side.

Also, some cruise lines offer a flat daily rate for bar drinks. That would definitely be worth checking out, because let's face it, those rum runners and mai tai's can certainly add up.

Northern Lights over Alaska
Northern Lights over Alaska

Expert Tricks For A Hassle-Free Cruise

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Tips and Information and Techniques on Cruising and Traveling!

A - Always Allow for Hidden Expenses

A - Always Allow for Extra Expenses

A - Be Prepared

A - Consider Getting Professional Advise

B - Consider the Burden of Excess Luggage

B - Coping with Air Travel

B - Coping With Jet Lag

B - Coping with Others on Holiday

C - Easy Clothing Care

C - Emergency Requirements

C - Expect More and You Might Just Get It

C - Food and Water

D - Get Your House in Order

D - Getting a Driving License Sorted

D - Fly for Free

D - Have a Little Patience

D - Holidaying on a Budget

E - Identity Theft

E - Insurance Requirements for Travelers

E - Keeping a Diary of Your Travels

E - Keeping Memories

F - Keeping Valuables Safe

F - Keeping Your Belongings Safe

F - Know What's Going On

F - Listen to Local Advice

G - Living like the Locals

G - Luggage Packing Techniques

G - Make Quick Decisions

G - Make the Most of Wasted Time

H - Motion Sickness

H - Pack for Your Destination

H - Personal Safety

H - Plan for the Type of Holiday You Want

I - Planning for Your Personality

I - Planning Prior to Traveling

I - Planning Your Departures

I - Pre-Holiday Planning

J - Prepare a Travel File

J - Proof of Purchase of Goods

J - Safe Money Handling While Traveling

J - Shopping for Others While on Holiday

K - Snack and Drinks

K - Taking Care of Medical Needs

K - Taking Care of Your Holiday Budget

K - The Benefits of a Checklist

L - The Effect of Exchange Rates

L - The Small Things Make a Difference

L - Travel Fitness

L - Travel Vaccinations

L - Travel Secrets Guide

M - Traveling Light

M - Valuable Sources of Information

M - Water Quality is a Consideration

M - Which Clothes to Take