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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Traveling Light
Seasoned travelers know the benefits of traveling light.

The convenience of not having to lug lots of baggage around on holiday will be welcomed especially if you aren't intending to stay in one place for the duration of your holiday.

People who travel extensively become very good at selecting the right gear to take on holiday that will ensure they are warm (or cool) and comfortable in varying climates and their wardrobe is selected more for form than function.

By selecting clothing that is multi-purpose you will be able to pack a lot less and not have the hassles of having to pack and repack loads of clothes at each point on your travels.

It is better to take clothes that can be worn in layers, one over the other, so you can control your temperature a lot more easily than to take various items of bulky clothing.

If you are moving from one place to another you don't need to be concerned with people seeing you wearing the same outfit on several occasions and because of that you can take fewer items.

If you intend buying items while away you will benefit from having less luggage before you start in more ways that one.

Obviously your total packing will be less but you will also be able to buy more goods while away without having to pay the extra fees for excess baggage at the airport.

Many people leave on their holiday with their baggage weight already right on the limit and they have to pay extra for freight on anything they buy, which makes the cost of the items they purchase less of a bargain.

If you have done the necessary research of the places you are going before you leave, you will be able to make better decisions on what to take and this will allow you to take less yet still have everything you need to travel comfortably.

Water Quality is a Consideration
 One of the biggest problems that people face when traveling is getting water that is healthy to drink and will not result in sickness.

Many countries do not have suitable water supplies and you can contract all sorts of diseases from their supplies therefore it is recommended that unless you are sure the water is safe you should only drink bottled water.

While it will cost more to drink bottled water the cost will be considerably less than medical attention should you need it and it will not interfere with the quality of your vacation by having you laid up with illness.

It is essential to drink water throughout the day and especially in places where the climate is hot because this will prevent dehydration.

If you get dehydrated you will have less energy to enjoy the vacation.

You need to be careful of the water not only for drinking but also for use when washing your teeth, as this will still allow contaminated water to cause problems that will affect your health and the quality and cost of your vacation.

Alcohol is dehydrating, and more so at altitude when flying to your destinations, so if you drink alcohol you will need to drink more water to remain hydrated.

By drinking more water you will also suffer less from jet lag and you will get more time on vacation rather than sleeping off the effects of jet lag.

Another thing that many people do not think about is the fact that the ice they put in their drinks can also be contaminated if it is made from the same water supply, so if in doubt about the water quality, don't have ice with your drinks or any drinks that have water in them.

Along with drinking water goes the need to relieve yourself and in some places that can involve payment for access to washrooms. Have some change ready for this if that is necessary.

Make sure you know what the consequences are if you decide to use the nearest bush as an alternative. It can mean arrest in certain countries and that will be costly in both time and money.

Quote: To get away from one's working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one's self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.
- Charles Horton Cooley

Valuable Sources of Information
 For many people the internet and other forms of media have opened up their horizons to the possibilities of traveling to places that they wouldn't have considered in the past.

There is so much information available today that there is no reason to skip the research that is necessary and freely available, to make the most of any adventure.

The internet, and in particular the social sites where people share advice and information with one another, can help anyone thinking of traveling to make better decisions on what they need to take with them, where they need to go, and what they need to do when they get there.

You can plan a whole holiday from the comfort of your home, even down to the minor details. You can even view your accommodation before you make bookings.
Cruise Ship Tips: Remember, most every cruise ship line has an extensive web site you can take advantage of, especially for booking shore excursions. Take full advantage of it.
You can also save a lot of money by shopping around and comparing prices with the various online travel sites that offer everything from cheap airfares to rental cars, accommodation and adventure activities.

With a combination of travel agents advice, the information that you can glean from friends and family who have traveled to the same destinations and the almost unlimited comments, advice and information that is available on the internet there is every reason to expect you can plan the ultimate holiday while keeping within your budget.

Often people find that they can expect a lot more from their holiday than they were initially led to believe simply by taking the time to do some quality research.

It is certainly a lot easier and more cost effective doing the research online before your departure date than trying to figure out what to do once you get there.

You will also be able to take advantage of last minute discount rates that are offered to those people who are on specific travel website newsletter lists.

Sometimes these savings are considerable and that money saved can go towards other aspects of your holiday to make for an even better experience.

Which Clothes to Take

When trying to decide what clothes you should take with you on your travels you should refer to the research you have already done first of all - You have done some research haven't you?

You can see how time and time again quality research of the places you are traveling to will pay dividends when it comes time to finally pack your bags.

Check the expected climate for that time of the year to get a better idea of what clothes will be most suitable but always take into consideration the variances in temperatures that can often happen quite suddenly in many areas.

Even countries that have particularly hot climates can be quite cold at night or have sudden changes in weather conditions.

This can make your choices of clothing more difficult, however clever planning should ensure that you are prepared as best as possible.

Consider taking clothes that can be worn in layers so you have the opportunity to add or remove layers of clothing to remain comfortable at all times.

If you are traveling to tourist locations you will generally have to pay a premium for any clothing that you might need to buy and this can quickly blow out the travel budget and reduce your spending power elsewhere.

If you are traveling to many different locations with a wide variety of weather conditions you will soon realize the benefits of selecting clothes than can be combined in layers for optimum results.

It is usually easier to pack these clothes because they are less bulky than other types of clothes so there is that added benefit too.

Rather than one bulky jacket for warmth, you can combine several thinner clothing items to produce the same results, while having the use of the individual items when the temperatures are warmer.