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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

The Effect of Exchange Rates
 With exchange rates changing on a daily basis and some of the changes becoming quite considerable in many countries, it will be necessary for you to remain informed as much as possible, as this can have a significant affect on the cost of your holiday.

There are many websites that offer real-time reporting of exchange rates for all the currencies and this will allow you to get some idea of how it will affect your budget.

As the larger economies of the world are the major influences on how the currencies of the smaller countries perform, there are a lot of factors that can change their direction and that can also determine whether you will be able to achieve all your holiday expectations if there is little room to move on your budget.

Prepaid and all inclusive holidays are probably the best solution if you are traveling to countries where the currency is vulnerable to change.

By paying for such a holiday, your expenditure will be fixed no matter what might happen to the exchange rate and the only concern you will have is for any additional expenditure that you plan on making outside of the facilities that are provided in the package deal.

For the additional expenses that you are planning on spending, you can buy foreign exchange prior to going away and at a time when you think it is at its optimal value.

You can only hope that you have read the market right for maximum benefits although there will probably be an element of luck in doing so.

If the currency rate is moving in your favor it could be better to leave the change of funds until the last minute and even buy your overseas funds at the airport just before departure in the hope that you will have a little more money to spend while you are away.
Cruise Ship Tips: Use the purser's office onboard ship to exchange for the local currency. They'll have the exchange rates posted, and are usually the best deal. You'll need cash if your going on a guided shore excursion for tips, etc. But if possible, always use credit cards everywhere else. Master Card and Visa have the best exchange rates.

Travel Fitness
Many people don't even consider whether they are fit enough for the type of travel plans they have in mind.

If the places you intend to see involve a lot of walking, have you considered whether you will be fit and able to do what you propose to do?

If not, then a simple fitness program will make your holiday a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

And while on the subject of walking, do you have suitable footwear that you will feel comfortable wearing for hours every day? It is unwise to buy new shoes before leaving on holiday and expect to break them in while you are away.

Maybe you are going on a skiing holiday and have yet to get your fitness levels up to a suitable standard because it is outside of your usual skiing time at home.

You also need to consider how activities will affect your muscles and aches and pains. This can have a detrimental affect on the fun you wish to experience on holiday and should be taken into consideration with some form of preparation before your departure.

Failing that, you should check to see whether you will be able to get a massage to reduce any muscle fatigue.

Often you will not decide on what you want to do until you get to your destination and to realize that you can't participate in certain activities simply because you are somewhat unfit would be a shame don't you think?

Even a small increase in physical fitness can have a profound affect on the fun you can experience while on holiday.

It might be something as simple as reducing your level of fatigue while walking through shopping centers all day or allowing you to do more snorkeling because you won't get as tired swimming.

The sooner you prepare for your holiday the easier it will be to get fit in time.
Cruise Ship Tips: Almost every major cruise ship has a workout facility for you to take advantage. It's use is usually included in the price of your cruise package. But check first. In addition, there's always the large outdoor circular decks that are great for doing walks. As for those shore excursions, most of the major cruise lines have fitness levels posted on their website, per excursion.

Quote: I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
I travel for travel's sake.
The great affair is to move.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

The Small Things Make a Difference
 As with many things in life it is the small details that can make a big difference at the end of the day and this applies to travel also.

It is simple things like taking the time to clearly mark your luggage that can make the difference between losing all your possessions and wasting valuable holiday time and having a memorable vacation.

If you have ever lost your luggage while on holiday you will realize the huge inconvenience that it brings. Now consider how long it takes to add some easily identifiable tags to your luggage. In a few minutes you might have just avoided turning your holiday into a nightmare.

This applies to more than just your luggage. It only takes a few minutes to implement steps that will ensure your money and other valuable possessions are as safe as possible.

Many of these small steps are also very cheap to apply.

A money belt can be purchased for a relatively small price. Tags on your luggage can cost nothing more than some brightly colored ribbon.

The cost of these items is a worthwhile investment in your holiday, much like having all your insurances paid up to date.

These are not the areas that you should be looking at cost cutting if you are traveling on a budget. There are many other areas where you can get bigger savings, such as getting more prices on airfares and accommodation.

If you can't afford to look after your safety and wellbeing while on holiday then you might need to reconsider your travel plans because they are the two areas that need to be first and foremost in your mind when planning your vacation.

They are also the areas that will have the most affect on whether you enjoy your holiday or not.

You won't remember the lovely views and amazing food if you have to spend your holiday trying to get your possessions back and all the lost time and money and the inconvenience that it will cause.

Travel Vaccinations
 You certainly don't want to get any infections while away on holiday so you will need to do a little research to find out what steps you need to take to protect yourself.

Find out which diseases are prevalent in the regions that you will be traveling in.

Often there are diseases in regions that have very little effect on the locals because they have built up their immunity to them over time whereas travelers who have no immunity to them can get quite sick very quickly.

If vaccination is necessary for safe travel to the places you intend to visit then make sure that you get immunized at the correct times before your departure as some vaccinations need a specific number of days in your system to be at their most effective.

If you have been vaccinated in the past then it might still be necessary for you to get a booster shot to make sure that you are safe.

Don't leave this to the last minute as the vaccination might not be effective in the initial stages and you might get infected before it has the chance to be of any use.

If you do find you have left getting vaccinated to the last minute then it is still wise to proceed anyway as it is better to get it done late rather than not at all. At least there might be some chance it will have an effect on reducing your susceptibility to contracting a disease.

With the increase in travel worldwide there has also been an increase in the spread of infectious diseases and countries that would not have been a concern a few years ago will now require some form of vaccination.

Do your research to find out what is needed and also talk to your medical practitioner to see what the latest requirements are relating to these matters.

It might even be necessary to take some medical supplies when traveling to certain regions and once again your medical practitioner will be able to help you make the correct decisions.
Cruise Ship Tip: Always check with the medical staff onboard ship if you're unsure.