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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Motion Sickness
Motion sickness can affect people who have never experienced it before.

Tiredness is one of the triggers for motion sickness with many people suffering more when they have had a lack of sleep.

When traveling, and in particular when the travel plans are hectic, it is often hard to get suitable sleep. With the additional tiredness, comes an increase in the incidence of motion sickness.

This can affect people in all modes of transport from air travel to sea travel, road travel and even via rail. Even if you haven't been affected by this in the past it is relatively inexpensive to buy motion sickness pills and they certainly don't take up very much space in your luggage do they?

Weather conditions can change quickly in many areas of the world and an expected smooth flight, or sailing, can quickly turn into a bumpy experience increasing the chance of feeling unwell.

Motion sickness will certainly put a dampener on the enjoyment you will have in your travels and the ability to control it with a suitable pill is a worthwhile investment to have in your travel pack at all times.

Even the foods that you eat have a bearing on whether you will feel unwell or not and whilst on holiday in uncommon destinations you are likely to want to try some of the local cuisine. You won't know until it is too late whether it is agreeable with you.

Not all pills are suitable for everyone so, as with all your other planning, you might need to try them before you leave on your holiday to see whether the pill in itself could make you feel unwell and if so, change to another brand.

There are other alternatives besides pills such as wrist bands that apply pressure to specific points and these have proven to be very effective in reducing motion sickness.

Cruise Ship Tip: The ship's medical clinic always has motion sickness remidies on hand.

Personal Safety
It is common for travelers to 'let their guard down' when on vacation in the misguided assumption that nothing will happen to them.

You should always take steps to ensure that your personal safety is paramount at all times even when traveling in countries where you would assume safety wouldn't need to be a consideration.

Safety is usually better when traveling in groups or with another person but there are often times even when you aren't traveling alone where you will want to do something without other people.

If you do decide to go off on your own make sure the other people in your group know where you are going and when you intend to return.

If there are any changes of plans, ensure that other people are aware of the changes and check to see that they were concentrate on your instructions when you were talking to them.

If you are traveling alone there are so many easily assessable forms of communication with mobile phones, internet and so on that it is still wise to keep others informed, even if they are back home in another country, so they can contact the appropriate authorities if they don't hear from you at predetermined times.

Anything can happen at any time, and often when least expected, so it is better to remain prepared by taking simple steps along the way.

Let people know where you are and where you intend to be at a particular time. Before leaving home, you should give someone you trust a list of the places where you will be staying and the contact information of those places should they need to contact you.

It takes very little time and effort to keep people informed and can save everyone a lot of worry and concern if things do happen to go wrong.

Quote: Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.
- Seneca

Pack for Your Destination
Pack your travel items according to the research you have done to ensure that you will not need to make any unnecessary purchases when you get to your destination and have to pay more than you should simply because of a lack of adequate planning.

Make sure that items such as shoes have been worn in before you go on vacation, as you won't want to break in a new pair of shoes when you intend doing a lot of walking while away.

It is important to be comfortable as well as looking the part and a lack of comfort is only resolved by spending more money if it is necessary while you are on vacation.

Use common sense when packing and take into account the climate of the places you are visiting but still allow for changes in the weather by taking additional clothing so you can stay warm and comfortable at all times.

Many people go on vacation fully intending to make shopping a part of the experience but as with shops anywhere, and even in your own locality, you know that there can be some big variations in prices and you will only be able to get the bargains you are after by talking to people prior to your vacation.

If you do not know anyone who has been to the places that you are going then get on the Internet and visit the travel websites to get that information. It can save you a bundle of cash that can be spent elsewhere or saved for another trip.

When you get to your destination talk to people and in particular other travelers as quite often people will visit the same vacation spots many times and get to know the best places to go.

That sort of information is invaluable and is a good way to save money provided you get advice from more than one person confirming what you hear.

Plan for the Type of Holiday You Want
When planning your holiday you should take into consideration the reason why you are traveling to a particular destination and make your travel plans fit that reason.

If you want to see as much of a region as possible then you should allow yourself enough time to do so without creating a hectic schedule that will reduce the quality of the experiences.

By overextending yourself you won't get to enjoy the holiday and it might be better to choose the areas that you intend to see based on the importance that you place on them.

Obviously if you don't have a budget to adhere to you can extend your travels to ensure that you get to see everything at a more relaxed pace.

If you want to unwind then a relaxing holiday could be what you are looking for and the fact that you might not see very much of the area you are visiting is of no concern if you get what you want from your stay. There is nothing to say that you need to achieve anything while away and you will certainly not want to return home feeling like you need another vacation to unwind.

Take into account the time it takes to get from one destination to another as this will determine how much time you will have at each place. If there are too many moves during the course of your holiday it might be worthwhile considering eliminating some of the travel and making the most of fewer places.

It is better to enjoy a few places than to feel overwhelmed trying to see many at the one time.

Depending on the cost of the travel and your financial circumstances it can also be a good idea to travel to several places for quick stopovers to determine whether any of them are areas that you would like to enjoy for a longer stay.

Decide on what you want before you start planning and then plan accordingly, while always allowing for changes of plans if that is what you so desire.