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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Living like the Locals
One of the joys of traveling to exotic locations is the chance to experience the lifestyles of the people who live in those regions.

By eating the local cuisine you get an understanding of the way they live and it adds to the flavor of the holiday.

There are some concerns that need to be addressed however, and that is the fact that the locals have been eating these foods on a daily basis for years and their digestive systems have adapted to cope with the food and drinks that are common to them.

Your body might not be able to adapt to their diet as readily and certainly not overnight so some common sense needs to be applied to every situation if you are to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Hygiene is an important factor when eating foreign foods and drinking foreign drinks. You don't want to spend the best part of your holiday dealing with gastric problems or food poisoning.

These are problems that are quite prevalent and finding out about the local food and water supplies is essential before traveling.

If there are no problems associated with the local diet then you will usually be able to reduce your food costs by eating the foods common to the region.

Take into consideration your nutritional needs and whether the food will affect your energy levels and even whether it will affect your ability to sleep well.

If you have an existing medical condition then that is another consideration that should be addressed when determining whether the food will be suitable.

Sometimes travelers make food and drink choices based on their budgets without realizing that those decisions can have a detrimental affect on their health if the purchases are made from sub standard suppliers. The medical expenditure that this often necessitates can be considerably more than buying good food from the rights places.

Make Quick Decisions
Sometimes things are not quite as you would have expected and these are the times that you need to make quick decisions and take action.

An example of this will be where you have booked to stay at a particular place for the term of your holiday and the conditions don't live up to expectations.

You should immediately see if there are any alternative arrangements that you can make to improve the situation. Maybe you can get a cheap upgrade to better rooms or you might even need to cancel your booking and move to a better place where you will be happier.

Even if this involves additional expense it might be better to accept that your budget will need to be changed to be able to get the benefits of traveling to that region in the first place.

Don't delay making these decisions because any time lost should be regarded as a holiday expense as every day that you are paying for services you aren't happy with, is money wasted.

The further your travel has taken you, the more important it is to make these decisions fast because it might be that you will never get the opportunity to return to that particular region again.

Having allowed a buffer in your budget will help you to make the decision to move on, so take that into consideration when you start your initial planning.

Even the best holiday planning can result in less than perfect results because often we have to rely on the opinions of others, however you have the ability to change the situation if need be.

Most seasoned travelers constantly adapt to the circumstances that are presented to them and often the changes they make result in a better experience than they would have planned for initially.

Quote: When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.
Then take half the clothes and twice the money.
- Susan Heller

Luggage Packing Techniques
You can carry a lot more luggage if you learn to pack it well. It can even allow you to have smaller bags or suitcases as you won't need as much space.

Bulky items such as shoes can be used as storage containers to save space where you can pack smaller items, particularly soft items such as socks and underwear inside them.

The tidier you are at packing your clothes the more room you will have. It will also tend to keep your clothes in better condition with less creases and wrinkles.

Pack your biggest items first, such as bulky jackets and then pack in the smaller items around them to fill up the space.

A lot of clothing and items such as towels can take up less room if they are rolled rather than folded. It depends on the shape of the item and the type of materials they are made from but you should test to see whether your clothing and accessories might work well with this method of packing. Rolling clothes is also often a good way to stop them from getting creased.

If you have any hard boxes or bags such as camera or laptop bags you should consider using any available space for packing smaller items.

Make use of additional external compartments on your travel bags to store items as you will find that you will have more room by doing this rather than trying to get everything in the one main compartment.

It will also place less strain on the zips and clips on your bags if you pack in this manner and the last think you want to happen to your bags while away is for the zips to break thereby stopping you from securing your possessions.

Don't leave for holiday with every inch of space fully utilized if you intend to do any shopping while away or you might have a nightmare trying to pack for your return trip.

Make the Most of Wasted Time
 Always give yourself enough time to do everything you plan on doing while away because you will find that somewhere along the way on your holiday someone or something will be running late and delay you for the next step of your journey.

It's inevitable that there will be delays and that is something that seasoned travelers will come to expect. If you are well organized and are ready before time you can often take advantage of other opportunities.

You might be able to catch an earlier bus or flight to certain places and this will save you from potentially wasting hours of your holiday waiting.

You should always get to the airport on time so you can check in and get the seat you desire before others take away all your options.

You will be able to get everything done in a more relaxed manner if you are ready on time and that will make your travels a lot more pleasant.

Any time that you do have to spend time waiting, make the most of that 'opportunity' to update your travel diary, check that your budget is on track, or see that you have entered everything on your checklist.

This will help to alleviate some of the boredom that comes with waiting for things to happen.

Make the most of the time that you have waiting by relaxing at a café or looking through the shops.

You might feel like having a cat nap to rejuvenate yourself but you will need to be aware of the dangers of letting down your guard where thieves can scarper off with your belongings if you doze off.

It is generally not a good idea to have naps in public places especially airports unless you are traveling with a companion and you have turns at napping while the other keeps an eye on the belongings.