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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Get Your House in Order
One important step that many people fail to consider until the last minute when planning their holidays is everything that needs to be taken care of at home while they are away.

There are certain day to day aspects of maintaining a household that continue even when you're lying on that tropical beach.

Credit card accounts need to be paid on time, not only to maintain a good credit score, but to ensure that you can continue to spend money while away.

As simple as it might sound, there are many people who have had their travel plans disrupted because they forgot to ensure their credit card payments were up to date.

There are other matters that need to be considered also, such as home security, while you are away so that you can come back home knowing you will still have all your possessions in the house as you left them.

Pets, plants, mail and other items need to be considered and you should make sure well in advance of leaving on holiday that you have someone you can trust attending to these matters.

When you arrange for people to take care of tasks while you are away, you should always leave them sufficient information so they can contact you in an emergency because there is no one quite like yourself to handle your own affairs when an emergency arises.

Knowing that everything is under control at all times while you are enjoying your vacation will give you the peace of mind that will allow you to enjoy your holiday to the max.

Start writing a list of the basics that you need to attend to at home on a daily basis in the weeks before you leave on holiday so you know that you won't miss anything when planning for others to take over while you are away.

Quote: I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.
- Mark Twain


Have a Little Patience

No matter how well you plan your holiday there will almost always be delays in one form or another.

A happy traveler is a patient traveler and you will need to adopt this attitude. It can be difficult  at times, remaining calm when you know that you have paid good money to travel only to find yourself waiting for extended periods of time in airports, bus and train stations and even in restaurants.

The customs in some countries dictate that there is no need to rush and being late is something that is of no concern for the locals. Unless you can accept this fact and allow for it you could find yourself getting somewhat frustrated and not enjoying your vacation as well as you should.

'When in Rome act like the Romans' is the way to manage most situations. Act like the locals and make the most of their lifestyle.

Take books to read for times when you are delayed.

Make the most of the time delays to update your holiday planning. Update your travel budget and make sure that your finances are in order. Read the travel brochures, local newspapers and anything that might improve your holiday experience.

Take the time to talk to the locals and you might be surprised how much valuable information you can get from them that might make you change your travel plans for the better.

And finally, just try to relax and rejuvenate your energy levels so you can make the most of the holiday once things get moving again.

Talk to people before you depart and ask them what their experiences were like at particular destinations. You will often find that particular areas don't 'live by the clock' and if you are prepared for delays and a relaxed approach to life you will be less likely to get agitated when things don't run as smooth as you expect.

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Quote: A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
- Lao Tzu

Getting a Driving License Sorted
Before you go to any foreign land you should check what their requirements are for you to be able to drive on their roads.

Many countries will accept the drivers' license of your home country to be sufficient to allow you to drive on their roads, while in other countries you will need to have an international drivers' license.

If you need to get an international drivers license make sure that you get it sorted well in advance of your departure date as you won't want to worry about getting one at the last minute.

Check that you have the latest information regarding license requirements because they can change and you might assume that you don't need an international license where you are going only to find out that all your plans will need to be changed when you get there because you don't have the ability to hire a car or drive on the roads.

There is nothing quite like having the freedom to get in a car and go where you like, when you like, without having to wait on public transport or taxi services. It adds a whole new dimension to your sightseeing adventures.

You will be able to travel to places that would not be possible if not for the fact that you are able to hire a car or in some circumstances purchase a cheap motor vehicle that you can sell again at the end of your holiday.

It can often be more economical to hire a vehicle, and particularly a camper van or motor home where your accommodation will be included in the cost of hire.

Many places will also have 4 wheel drive hire vehicles that will allow you to really get out and have an adventure in places that other tourists will never go.

Having a valid license gives you many more options to customize your holiday to your requirements.

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Holidaying on a Budget

If money is tight then there are many other alternative holiday choices that you can consider where you will get to see the sights and experience other locations without breaking the bank.

Cheap accommodation can be found at back-packers hostels and in certain areas you can even use a tent for your accommodation.

It can be fun camping and it also offers the opportunity to stay at remote locations where other travelers don't bother to venture.

If you intend doing this you will need to find out in advance if there are any dangers that you need to know about and whether there are any facilities that will make camping more comfortable.

For transport you might consider using a mountain bike or tramping provided the distances you intend traveling aren't excessive.

You will need to be relatively fit for that type of holiday but at least you will be able to do so on a shoestring if you plan it well.

Group tours are also a way to save money where you can pay for the whole holiday package that will include all your accommodation, travel expenses and food.

While it might seem a lot to pay in advance these packages will usually save you a good percentage of what it would cost for you to make the same plans on your own.

If you do decide to go it alone then it will be helpful to get some local knowledge of where you are going before you arrive at your destination.

You need to accept that there will be a lot more planning involved if you aren't using preplanned holidays and group holidays.

Your main cost will be your time in getting all the relevant information organized so that you aren't wasting time when you are traveling as that can work out a lot more expensive in the long run.

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