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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Easy Clothing Care

There are several techniques that will help you to manage your clothing while away on holiday that will see you remaining clean, tidy and without the need for the expense of Laundromats and dry cleaning services.

The convenience of your wardrobe will depend a lot on the type of clothes that you buy.

You won't want to take with you clothing that will require dry cleaning when anything that will drip dry and look good will make life away a lot easier for you on holiday.

You can wash items in your hotel room shower and let them drip dry overnight. You can get wrinkles out of your clothing by giving them a fine spray mist of water, just enough to dampen them, and then let them hang until they dry and the wrinkles will be gone.

It is handy to have a little spray bottle with you, not only for maintenance of your clothing but also to cool yourself down if you feel hot or clammy.

This can happen just before a plane flight is ready for departure when they turn the air-conditioning off prior to getting airborne.

A light mist of cool water on your face can make you feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

When you need to wash your underwear you can do that by using the shower and washing them while you are having your shower and then leaving them to drip dry over night.

Another method to help get the creases out of your clothing is to hang them in the bathroom when you are having a hot shower or bath and they will get 'steamed' from the heat. This will usually remove a lot of the creases and wrinkles and once again they will be ready in the morning after drying out overnight.

Take a few plastic bags with you on holiday so you can keep your dirty shoes and/or clothing off your clean clothes when you have to pack your bags to move to your next location.

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Expect More and You Might Just Get It

It's a common assumption amongst all but the most seasoned travelers that the advertised prices on various aspects of travel such as air fares, accommodation and so on are the best possible deals, particularly when they are advertised as special or discounted prices.

Many travel agents and online websites offer package deals where the holiday is all inclusive and there are no other expenses that you need to be concerned with, however very often there is room to move even on those prices.

Obviously the time of the year will have a big affect on the amount of 'additional' discount you can expect where you will find it harder, if not impossible, to get people to budge on prices at the height of their main holiday season but outside of those times many businesses struggle to cover their costs and any clients, even at substantially reduced rates, will be welcomed.

Always ask the person you are dealing with if they can offer you a better deal and make use of the comparison websites on the Internet to see if there are other travel businesses in the market who can offer a similar package holiday for a better price.

One thing that you do need to take special note of is the fine print in any of these package deals because that can determine the true value of the deal for you, particularly when comparing various options.

You need to understand that you are dealing with travel 'businesses' and their main concern is with their own profits so they are unlikely to tell you about a better deal if they think you will accept what they are offering you. It is only when you ask for alternatives, discounts, special offers and package deals that they will come to the party and present something better in order to retain your business.

If you don't ask you will never know what you can get.

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Quote: I think that travel comes from some deep urge to see the world, like the urge that brings up a worm in an Irish bog to see the moon when it is full.
- Lord Dunsany

Emergency Requirements

Just as you would expect to have minor emergencies whilst at home, you also need to understand that this can happen on holiday too, yet most people never plan for anything going wrong while away on holiday.

Depending on where you intend to be holidaying, you should consider what you might need and whether you will be able to get what is needed from the facilities that are available where you are going.

Even if there are places to buy the things that you might need, you don't really want to add to your holiday expenses if you can help it, and by simply packing a small amount of emergency supplies in with your luggage you could save the time looking for supplies while on holiday and the expense of buying those supplies.

Think about the items you have needed in recent times while at home and whether you are likely to need them while you are traveling.

Maybe you are susceptible to cuts and should be taking some antibacterial cream with you.

Maybe you get hay-fever quite easily and need to take some antihistamine pills with you.

It might not even be medical conditions that cause these needs.

You might find that you are always searching for a pen and paper to write things down when at home and taking them on holiday might make your vacation a lot more pleasant and organized.

Tape, Velcro and other similar items could come in very handy while away to repair or contain items.

Obviously you will need to be realistic with what you should take as there is the question of having too much baggage to lug around.

You will need to weigh up the benefits of taking some of these items and leaving them behind at home to decide whether they are worthwhile.

Even having a pocket knife or torch can be very useful although you will need to be very careful where and when you have a pocket knife on you particularly with the increased security that abounds these days.

Cruise Ship Tip: Remember, you will have a boat drill your first or second day on board ship, and it is mandatory. Your cabin/stateroom will have a notice in your room as to where your muster station is, so check it out and make sure you know where it is.

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Food and Water

Two of the most important considerations that many people seem to forget when planning a trip abroad are food and water.

Most people assume that these commodities will always be available in abundance but that is not always the situation.

Water in particular is very important to help you maintain energy levels with good hydration. The problem with water is that in many of the popular tourist areas the water isn't of standard that will guarantee you won't get any gastric problems.

It is wise to only drink bottled water in many countries to maintain good health and ensure you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

Another problem that people seem to forget about is the fact that the ice that they have in their alcoholic beverages is made from the same water that causes so many problems for tourists.

If you are in a country where the water supply is suspect make sure you don't have ice in your drinks.

Water is more essential in hotter climates as you can become dehydrated a lot faster and drinking water regularly throughout the day will be necessary to keep your energy levels up.

A good variety of food is not always readily available in many parts of the countries that you might be traveling so it is a good ideal to stock up on snack type foods such as raisins, nuts and seeds that will help you to have the energy and 'fuel' to continue with your travels.

Even if you are on a guided tour they might not have a steady supply of energy foods available for your needs and this will result in a less than pleasant experience if you are dealing with hunger pangs when you should be enjoying the sights.

A little planning before you go on any journeys can help to reduce the problems and having a suitable back pack to carry these 'essentials' in will also help.

If you buy from the right places beforehand, such as the local markets, it can also save you money too.

Airport TIP: For getting a bottle of water through the TSA checkpoints in airports, include an empty plastic bottle in your carryon. Then, when you've cleared through security, fill up your empty bottle with water from a drinking fountain. The airlines will let you carry that on board.

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