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Here are more small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Consider the Burden of Excess Luggage

 Don't carry more than you can handle while on holiday.

How will you know when you have packed too much in your travel bags?

There's a simple solution and that is to pack all you think you will be taking and then walk around the block with your luggage to see how easy it is to handle.

Now consider whether you want to be lugging all that baggage around with you when you should be relaxing on holiday.

Try carrying it up a few stairs too as there will be times when you will be expected to have to move your own luggage.

There will be times when there won't be trolleys and porters to help you move your luggage. You will need to get your luggage off the airport baggage handling systems and for some people that can be very difficult with the moving luggage and the weight of the items.

For elderly people there might be no alternative other than to seek assistance and most other travelers will be intent on getting their own luggage and getting through customs as quick as they can.

If you do intend to take weighty items with you or a lot of luggage then you should consider getting travel bags that have wheels and handles that you can easily wheel around like a trolley.

You might decide after doing a test run around the block before leaving home that you don't really need to take that much stuff away with you on holiday.

You will also need to take into account the additional space that will be required for purchases you make while away and the weight of those purchases when you come home. It might be enough to cause you to have to pay for excess baggage too.

The lighter you can travel the easier it will be for you and the less costly, so after you have a test run at packing your travel items see what you can do without and remove them from your luggage.

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Quote: Now I know why they tell you to put your head between your knees on crash landings.
You think you're going to kiss your ass good-bye.
- Terry Hanson

Coping With Jet Lag

Coping with jet lag after a long haul flight is something that most people aren't very good at.

It can be difficult to get your body clock in sync with the times at your new destination when you have traveled across many time zones, however there are ways to make the most of the situation and ensure that you don't waste too much time sleeping when you get to where you are going and miss out on part of the holiday.

By remaining well hydrated during your flight you will have a lot more energy when you arrive at your destination. The more alcohol you drink during your flight the more dehydrated you will become so you will need to counter than with additional water.

Use the boredom of flying as a good time to get extra sleep so you have more energy when you get to your holiday spot.

When you get to where you are going the first thing that you should do is adjust your watch to the same time as the locals. This will immediately start getting you accustomed to their time zone.

Rather than going to your hotel room and having a long sleep you should try to emulate what other people are doing at that time of the day or night.

If it is lunchtime when you arrive you should have lunch too and if you aren't all that hungry just have a snack to get into the rhythm of the region.

While many people will go to sleep for hours to recover, one trick that seems to work really well is to have short cat naps of approximately half an hour. This will do wonders to rejuvenate you and it will also allow you to sleep a reasonable amount of time the first night without getting too stimulated or over-tired.

Set your alarm to help you arise at a reasonable time and get out of bed and showered to help you wake up, then have breakfast at the same time as the locals.

If you are still feeling tired that day you can have another cat nap or two throughout the day when you feel like relaxing and you will probably find that you have done enough to overcome your jet lag without missing any of your precious holiday time.

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Quote: The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
- St. Augustine

Coping with Air Travel

For many people a flight is a boring necessity of their holiday so you should try to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

There is usually a selection of books available to read on most planes but it's a good idea to get something that you will enjoy reading while you are flying rather than hoping you can find something worth reading on the plane. Buying books before departure will solve that problem.

Often on the longer flights there will be the opportunity to buy items from the in-flight store and also additional alcohol however you will be paying a premium for these purchases so be warned.

Don't rely on the movie being one you want to see. With the speed by which movies become available on video these days, you will often find that they are playing something that you have already seen.

Make sure that you wear loose clothing so you remain comfortable and wear shoes that can be easily slipped on and off. Don't start your holiday in a new pair of shoes. You won't want to be breaking them in while you are sightseeing and you won't want to be wearing new shoes on your flight where your feet will have a tendency to swell and become uncomfortable.

If you can, wear clothes that are resistant to wrinkling so you don't look like you have worn them to bed when you get off the plane.

Get up and walk around the plane at regular intervals to help stimulate blood flow to your legs and even consider doing some light stretching exercises down the back of the plane where there is a little more room to move.

Go to the toilet regularly and wash your face when you are there to remain refreshed.

If you can remain occupied to alleviate boredom and hydrated to alleviate fatigue you will have a far more enjoyable flight. Those are the two key factors you should concentrate on.

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Coping with Others on Holiday

When people get tired due to a lack of sleep, jet lag and the additional stress that travel often brings with it, moods can change and often there is additional irritability to contend with.

If you are traveling with others then this is something that needs to be taken into consideration and allowances will need to be made.

By relaxing and accepting that there will be occasions when things might not go quite as well as you had planned it will make it a lot easier for everyone involved to get along with one another.

There are many factors that can affect how people cope with one another and most people don't realize the effect that something as simple as a change in their normal lifestyle can have on them.

Even a small change in diet or an increase in the consumption of alcohol will often make matters worse.

Sleep patterns invariably get disturbed and usually you will be living in a more confined environment with all the associated inconveniences that this presents.

Temperature changes can also present their problems with sleep once again becoming a problem especially in extremely hot or cold climates.

The problems are often exaggerated if you are traveling in groups with many of the package deals necessitating long hours spent with strangers on coach tours or backpacker accommodation with shared facilities.

Traveling with young children adds another dimension to the stress that can arise and dealing with their needs and not having the usual conveniences can become quite difficult.

Language barriers are another problem and often people will find that their lack of ability to communicate with foreigners will cause tension with their fellow travel partners.

Knowing these facts might result in a change in travel plans if you think they might present a problem for you at any time.

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