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These are small articles all about traveling in general and cruising abord cruise ships!

Allways Allow for Hidden Expenses
Each country will charge varying fees for airport taxes, entry fees and other government taxes and these can change at any time.

You will need to get the latest information on these charges to ensure that you have the correct information as it will affect your budget and that determines what you will be able to spend while away on holiday.

Overseas events such as increased security measures might make airports raise their charges overnight and these additional expenses can be enough to cause financial difficulties if you have already extended yourself to make your journey.

With exchange rates changing all the time even they can have a substantial affect on what you can afford when it comes time to travel.

If you are unsure of what the exchange rate will be when you are due to travel it might be better to buy currency well before your holiday so you have a definite amount you can budget with.

Unless you have experience with foreign exchange it is not wise to assume that the rate will work in your favor come travel time.

Contact the relevant government embassies and make sure that you have ticked off all the necessary documentation that you will be needing well in advance of your departure as there are often delays in getting documentation ready on time and that can delay your departure and mess up your travel plans completely.

It can also add unwanted expenditure to your holiday if you have to make last minute changes.

You should also find out whether you need any special documents to allow you to drive a motor vehicle in the country you are visiting as you might decide that a rental vehicle will give you the opportunity to have a more fulfilling holiday.

You should always allow yourself the option to make changes while away on holiday and not be fixed with what you can do because of the decisions you make before you leave.


Be Prepared

Consider the climate you will be in when you get to your destination and be well prepared to make the most of it.

It might be very exciting to know that you will be traveling to some tropical location where there will be lovely hot sunny weather all day. You might be having dreams of relaxing on the beach all day but you also need to consider other factors that come with such conditions.

Will you have enough sunscreen to last you all holiday? If you run out will there be places there to buy more and if so how much will it cost you to buy. If there aren't any places to get more sunscreen does that mean you will have to stay inside for the duration of the holiday?

Will you remember to pack a sun hat and a suitable sun cover? And what happens at night time where the temperatures can plummet in many places and get quite cold. Talk to people who have been to these places and ask them these questions. Most people are only concerned with the weather in the day and forget to ask about the night.

Have you thought about mosquitos and other insects that might be a problem? Will you need to take insect repellants to help you get some sleep at night or to ensure you don't get any skin rashes?

Will you need clothing that covers most of your body (long sleeves and trouser legs) to stop insects biting you?

Do you need suitable shoes to walk on the coral so you don't get cuts and infections?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself and others when planning and packing your bags.

The decisions you make can be the difference between getting the most from your travels and not enjoying the experience as you should.

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Quote: Too often travel, instead of broadening the mind, merely lengthens the conversation.
- Elizabeth Drew

Always Allow for Extra Expenses

Too many people go on holiday with just enough money to make do and don't allow for unexpected problems and additional costs that can so easily appear at any time.

This is why it is a good idea to have a budget that you can use on holiday to help keep control over your expenditure. When you prepare that budget before leaving for holiday you should include in it contingency costs for additional and unexpected expenses.

The amount that you allow for additional expenses will be determined by the places you will be visiting and the cost of living in those areas.

You should have this information available from the research that you have done for your holiday planning in the weeks and months before you leave.

All your insurances should be up to date and sufficient to cover any medical expenditure and loss of items but you should also have available cash that you can get immediately if needed.

Anything that can change your holiday plans can result in an additional expense and that can be something as simple as a change in the weather conditions where you won't be able to do the things that you had planned on and alternative activities might cost more.

It might mean that you will need to spend some more money on protective clothing that you hadn't anticipated on needing.

There are so many factors that can affect the costs of your holiday that there are simply too many to list here.

Even when you have a 'paid in advance' vacation where you would assume all of your expenses will be covered, there are always additional costs somewhere along the way and depending on what they are, they can add up to a reasonable amount of money quite fast.

It is unfortunate for people who get to their vacation location and see things that they would really enjoy doing only to have to pass on it simply because it is a little bit out of their price range.

And for many people it will be the only chance in their lifetime to take advantage of such opportunities.

Don't let that happen to you when a bit of clever budgeting can help.

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Consider Getting Professional Advice
It can be cheaper to get help with your holiday planning than to do all the arrangements on your own.

Before you make a final decision to do all your own vacation planning consider getting some prices from reputable travel agents and online booking agencies.

Often they are able to get special discounts on travel and accommodation through the contacts they have in the travel business.

These discounts are usually not available to the general public so while they will be charging you a commission for their work in arranging your holiday, they could be saving you even more by providing you with these discounts and specials.

Another benefit of getting help for your holiday planning is the fact that many of these people have traveled to the places that you will be going and they have firsthand experience with the people, customs and the type of expenditure that you will need to allow for, as well as many other areas of knowledge that can be invaluable to you.

Many package deals are only offered on short notice. They might be because of the seasonal fluctuations in a particular tourist location or even for a cancellation at a resort.

Agents will hear of these deals and will be able to pass on the discounts to you if you have been dealing with them.

You can even get additional days of accommodation for very little cost if you are making your bookings through the right people.

If you have a particularly busy lifestyle then it might be more economical to let others do some of the work rather than use up your valuable time.

Look at all your available options and don't be afraid to make changes to suit your travel requirements or to ask for any possible discounts that might make you decide to use the services of an agent.

They will be only too willing to provide you with help if they can make some commission from it.